Not Shi**y News




Tired of the good news getting lost in the sea of bad news?

The NSN Report provides you a weekly dose of the positive.

Part of a balanced News Diet. Enjoy.


Why NSN?

Like you, I am exhausted by all the bad news. The catch is, I’ve worked in news for my entire career. As a reporter, as an anchor, as a professor of media. I KNOW there are great, feel-good stories out there, yet we’ve seen a shift in mainstream and social media where the focus ~ and sometimes the only focus ~  is on doom and gloom. Balanced news means we are informed about everything ~ including the uplifting, positive things in our world.

Let’s put a dose of happy back into our News Diet.

Leave the bad stuff to the other guys. Here, we will focus on the Not Shi**y News. 

Happy listening.

Sheila Walsh